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Taking care of trees and doing proper landscaping if something that, like fixing a car, is better left to professionals. Burns Tree & Landscaping can help your learn about your trees and understand the care they need. It is imperative to understand that taking good care of a tree is a life-long process.

Trees Are Not Just Beautiful

Proper tree care is something that can not only please the eye, but also one's pocket. Well cared trees are not only attractive but can also increase your property's value. On the other hand, badly maintained trees are not just ugly but may be hazardous and injure you or someone else.

Landscaping, too, requires long-term caring, and likewise, may increase your home's value. Burns Tree & Landscaping can do the heavy lifting by rejuvenating your land, seeding and grading the soil, and adding  beautification touches.

A Healthy Tree is a Happy Tree

As soon as you notice any abnormality in your tree, contact us immediately to come over and carefully examine it. Like with humans, a tree's health can be affected by insects and diseases. Once we identify the symptoms and understand the causes, we can recommend appropriate treatment.

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